music mov)Abby & Annalie (KIDS girls ABBA)+りおな

Abby & Annalie

Sweet ABBA cover, Chiquitita! By Annalie Johnson of One Voice Children’s Choir and her sister Abby

ABBA Waterloo WATER FIGHT! A fun ABBA cover by Abby & Annalie

America the Beautiful | great video for Independence Day! Patriotic song by Abby & Annalie


▼別の)CHIQUITITA_(abba) Acoustic Trio cover Father & Kids

天才的な=間や、言葉の使い回しなど感心するするほど芸人適性のある 理央奈ちゃん6歳 (←幸あれ)

「いつ治るんだろうって思ってる…」りおなちゃんに密着 思わずこぼした本音と両親の想い、新喜劇・珠代姉さんと初対面で大号泣

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