DTM)Trailer Trash Noise Kontakt


A playable metal kit including over 30 different metallic hits, including low, medium and high metals.

Includes global reverb, delay, ADSR, high and low pass filters, saturation and our custom distortion/compression knob.

Create your own 3-layer blend of over 130 different custom one-shot metal hits and a bonus 4th layer offering additional synth-based hits to beef up your sound. Features include:

Over 500,000 unique combinations of sound sources
Unique organic sources, including low, medium and high metal hits, impacts and metal cage hits
Curated synth-based subs and kicks as an extra 4th layer
Keyboard mapped to spread your designed hit across a 5 key range + extra range of 30 custom raw and designed whooshes available to blend into your designed hits
Layer mixer to allow you to mix up to 3 different metal sources and 1 synth source
Per-layer FX, including saturation, low pass filter and high pass filter
Per-layer pitch shifting to allow up to +2/-2 octaves and +100/-100 cents to create a multitude of different sonic gems from the original source material
Per-layer ADSR
Global FX, including reverb, delay, and our custom distortion/compression knob
All sources recorded at 24bit, 48k quality
Per-channel randomize buttons for instant inspiration


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