DTM)M-Tron MkII-Old Time

GForce Softwareの新音源 M-Tron MkII

This video combines original narration from the 1960’s Mellotronics Demo Record, with music from the GForce Software M-Tron MkII

Designed to complement M-Tron Pro, the dual manual M-Tron MkII adds tapes from the legendary Chamberlin® Musicmaster, Mellotron® MkI and MkII, placing special emphasis on the on the Rhythms and Accompaniments which capture a moment in time between the 1950’s and late 1960’s.

All the sounds on the GForce M-Tron MkII are sourced from the MKI, MKII and Chamberlin Tape Archive curated by Martin Smith who prepared the recordings for this project and was a vital part of the extensive and sympathetic tape restoration and tempo remapping.

On M-Tron MkII, both microphone and DI’d recorded versions of the lead tapes now sit side-by-side with combinations of rhythms and accompaniments, the latter of which can be synchronised to your host tempo and transposed to fit into your own compositions.


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