At the familiar raincoat,
my heart trembled at the station in twilight,
the fast step is unmistakably him
who i loved once..

One step before i feel nostalgic about him,
in the bitter memories welling out,
i cannot find what to say at all..

I am living fine like this without him,
i wanted to tell him so casually..

What changed in the past 2 years is
his look and my hair-do,
we each other go back without recognising
to the ones who are waiting for each of us..

Riding on the rail wagon next to his,
looking at his profile looking down,
i feel my tears welling out unconsciously..

For the first time i understand painfully now
his feeling that he loved me alone..


His back figure disappearing in
the struggling flow of the people in the rush hour
remains so sadly in my heart..

At the time we get out of the exit,
in this city where the rain is about to stop,
an usual night is coming out..


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